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The Vice Presidency for Business Development is responsible for identifying, attracting, and recruiting companies, academic programs, and research and training centers, as well as prestigious international agencies and NGOs capable of contributing innovative content to the knowledge communities promoted by the City of Knowledge Foundation.

Business Development foresees and looks after the needs the affiliated institutions of the City of Knowledge have in terms of developing their operations. It ensures their satisfaction with the facilities and opportunities the campus offers, and aims to create increasingly favorable conditions for the City of Knowledge Foundation’s clients.

It promotes networking conditions and spaces, business generating opportunities, and collaborative projects among the affiliated entities and members of the City of Knowledge Foundation’s local and international networks of allies.

This division is also responsible for following up on the contractual relationships with the affiliated entities, as well as ensuring that they fulfill the criteria for admission.


Rolando Armuelles

Vice President for Business Development

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Alessandro Francolini

Business Development Manager

Alma Tejada

Business Development Manager

Ariel Jones

Business Development Manager

Nekelda Díaz

Business Development Specialist