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The Technopark of City of Knowledge is comprised by technology and innovation companies. This science and technology park provides affiliated firms and institutions with the value added services and support infrastructures to disseminate, transfer, and commercialize innovative knowledge and technology developed through research.

This department promotes activities of an international scope through the establishment of strategic alliances, networking, and visibility, all while stimulating a scientific-technological culture for active user participation. Thus, the Technopark is a platform for relations between universities, companies, and the government that provides specific support for the successful development of its members' businesses.

Direct benefits

Organizations that get accepted into the International Technopark of Panama are not renting physical space, but gaining access to a cooperation framework with innovation, supplemented by benefits and incentives intended to help a rapid and organic development of their activities. Here are some highlights:

  • Image and Credibility: When your company moves in an environment that is renowned as a space devoted to innovation, both locally and internationally, it achieves clear differentiation from the competition.

  • Basic Infrastructure and Communication & Information Technology (CIT): From 323 square feet on, ITP has the space solution that your organization needs. Three telecommunication service providers offer solutions tailored to your needs, and you will find a broad range of service companies in the Park which will make your activities easier.

  • Tax-free: Check the CDS information on tax benefits.

  • A chance to interact with educational institutions and research centers: The fact that there are CIT and bioscience research centers operating in the City of Knowledge gives Technopark companies a chance to create collaboration bonds with them.

  • Creation of innovating organizations through the Panama Business Accelerator (PBA), which supports business people and entrepreneurs in developing innovating business ideas.

  • Access to capital: Financing innovating businesses is one of the biggest challenges. We manage a Network of Investing Angels, made up of investors who are interested in funding innovating companies and business ventures, including spinoffs from existing companies. Seed and venture capital funds are also funded through public and private organizations.

  • Access to International Networks: Scientific and technological park networks help companies to collaborate with one another and seek new markets. IASP (International Association of Science Parks), which has a network of 284 parks in 64 countries and 55,000 companies, AURP (Association of University and Research Parks), and NBIA (National Business Incubation Association), of which we are members, are doors that facilitate relations, international expansion and connection to global markets. Additionally, ITP offers access to the network resulting from the European Union's Support Project.

  • Technology Transfer: ITP is the ideal environment for productive organizations to develop new products and services, based on research conducted by universities and research centers.

  • Value-added Service Portfolio: The City of Knowledge is constantly improving its portfolio of supplementary services for companies and organizations operating there to meet their needs and requests. Here are some of them:

    • Training: we regularly offer academic programs, seminars, workshops and courses that promote competitiveness in participating companies and entrepreneurs.

    • GDLN Videoconferences: The World Bank's learning network has its local base here, with videoconferences on various subjects.

    • Innovation Management in Organizations: From total quality to constant innovation, ITP organizations get training to create internal innovation committees and increase competitiveness.

    • Internationalization: Support in the promotion and participation of affiliate companies in business fairs, exhibitions, forums and conferences. For example, EXPOCOMER, CEBIT International Fair in Hannover, Germany, and ALETI (Federation of Latin American, Caribbean and Spanish Associations of IT Organizations).

    • General Services: Convention Center, Digital Classroom, videoconference rooms, classrooms, and multi-purpose and modular rooms for training, business meetings and all kinds of events.

    • Internal Promotion and Invigoration: Opportunities to find innovating solutions to organizational problems are often born from personal interaction in creative environments. We organize informal networking meetings that foster new alliances, spinoffs and contracts.


  • Q Do you accept manufacture organizations?

    Yes, as long as they meet the overall criteria.

  • Q Does the Panamanian labor code apply?


  • Q How does the visa application process work?

    Complete information can be obtained from the National Immigration and Naturalization Bureau.

  • Q How much does electric power cost in Panama?

    Updated rates are available on the Panama Utility Authority web page:

  • Q How much does it cost to apply for admission into PIT?

    There is no charge for the application process.

  • Q How long is the evaluation process for admission?

    The evaluation process for admission lasts 2 to 3 months.

  • Q Where can I find statistics about engineers and programmers in Panama?

    The Chamber of Panamanian Information and Communication Technology Companies (CAPATEC) has the most updated information on the human capital available locally.

  • Q Is there any customs control in campus?

    There is no physical place for checking the goods in or out of the campus.

  • Q Is there enough space in case I want to expand my organization in the future?

    Is there enough space in case I want to expand my organization in the future?

  • Q Must the organization be legally organized in Panama before applying for PIT admission?

    It is not necessary.

  • Q Do PIT buildings have broadband Internet access?

    Yes. There are four providers to choose from:

    Cable & Wireless:

  • Q Can you help me find technical staff for my organization?

    Yes, we have a network of organizations and contacts to help you find staff for specialized technological areas.

  • Q How long will the affiliation be valid?

    For 5 years, and it is renewable.

  • Q Can my spouse work in Panama?

    Work permits related to City of Knowledge Foundation are only for people working for the admitted organization. Therefore, if the spouse works in that organization, he/she will be granted the City of Knowledge work permit.

  • Q Can I bring my spouse?

    Yes, your spouse will be given a residence visa, just like you.

  • Q Can I bring company cars duty free?

    Yes, as long as they are to be used expressly by the organization.

  • Q What costs should an organization assume at the time of moving into PIT?

    It must assume the cost of space rental, remodeling and/or construction in that space, and the costs of services such as air conditioning, electricity, water, connectivity, etc.

  • Q What percentage of foreigners can I hire?

    There are no restrictions as to the percentage of foreigners that can be hired by the organization.

  • Q What percentage of the income must be set aside for research and development?

    We do not demand a fixed percentage, because this depends on each industry.

  • Q What kind of organization is PIT looking for?

    Organizations that meet the following overall criteria:

    Consistency with CDS’s Mission Synergies with users and local network International outlook Innovation and R&D Agreement with the subject areas of interest to CDS Financial viability and solvency Respect for environmental regulations

  • Q Would I be entitled to a discount in the use of the sports fields?

    We have the most complete sports complex in the country. Every user is entitled to use the facilities.

  • Q My organization deals with high technology products. Can I affiliate it to City of Knowledge?

    Yes, as long as it meets the overall admission criteria.

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